Has anyone used the Configure ArcGIS Server Account utility where an AWS DynamoDB has been used for the config store?

12-22-2021 07:39 PM
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We have an Image Server instance that has all services configured to start in a stopping state after a Windows service restart. All KB articles that we have read point to running the Configure ArcGIS Server Account utility but this doesn't allow us to point to a DynamoDB for the config store. Any ideas on how this might be achieved?

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You should be able to run the utility and point the config-store field to a different directory. Since DyanamoDB/S3 are going to use either the access key or IAM role, it won't have the analogous filesystem permissions to reset. I used 'C:\arcgisserver\local' in my test, which proceeded without issue; I would also recommend checking the permissions on the 64-bit Python 2.7 installation (if present, was optional in 10.9.1).

-- Chris Pawlyszyn
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