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Guidance for Importing or Handling Complex Multipart Polygons in Enterprise

04-28-2023 01:47 PM
Regular Contributor

We have a large layer that is comprised of complex multipart polygons as well as several projects that may have related or similar data structures. Basic geoprocessing GP tools do not work with with these for their shape and complexity in our current environment for edits, conversions, or basic data work, eg split or explode fail to run for point of beginning or geometry failures because of multipart state of the data. Most projects besides the basic visualization of the multipart symbolized by type tend to require edits or changes to the vast collection of multiparts into their individual components or being made into new components entirely. 

My question therefore is broadly asking for suggestion or guidance with converting these multipart to single part polygons; either prior to migration into Enterprise or as a part of the migration, because of the pending need to review and handle the layers in their entirety? What has been a best practice with better outcomes seen or experienced in the community taking large feature services comprised of multipart and bringing them into Enterprise once launched as single part or less complex multipart feature classes and/or shapefiles?

eg: Is it better for a multipart feature class to have it...

Converted to single part polygons prior to import into Enterprise servers?

Imported with GP tool and convert during a system/geodatabase migration to Enterprise servers?

Imported as-is to Enterprise servers, and then convert after the fact within new server environment and new or different GP tools?

Or perhaps some other option, level of complexity variable but welcome, that we can look into or plan for?


Many thanks for insight and articles or examples. I'm looking forward to continuing the research on this topic. Found a few articles but wanted to get a good understanding before launching into it since not every situation is the same and we have several layers to prepare for.

Kind regards,


Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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