GP tool timing out after server restart

06-21-2022 02:36 PM
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I have a GP tool that I was able to configure and run successfully in a local ArcPro environment that takes some inputs and creates some template datasets for the user. This works as expected when run within ArcPro and everything gets created and zipped no problem. When I originally published this as a custom GP service, I was also able to get this to work on the server and export a zip with all the files I needed.

I did a restart on our hosting server and when the system came back online, this tool was (and is still) not working. When I checked the logs, I found that the service is timing out, and not erring out on any of the lines of code. After some additional digging, the tool gets hung up on the same line of code each time:


Fig1_Layout = TemplateProject.listLayouts("*Template*")[0]


I republished the tool a bunch of times while trying to figure out where exactly it was getting hung up, and have also increased the max time allowed per use in the service’s settings to make sure that this wasn’t just too long of a tool or any issue with the way the tool was shared.


I was wondering if anyone might have some ideas on how I can continue to try to figure out what is going on. Considering this ran fine before I restarted the hosting server, I am hoping this may be able to be fixed by resetting something on the machine but I am not totally sure about that.


Thank you for any help!

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