GEOProcessing Service Data Access Questions (10.4.1)

06-29-2016 07:46 AM
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I am trying to move a geoprocessing tool from ArcGIS 10.1 to 10.4.1.  I moved everything over from the old server and was able to publish the service without any errors (and run the model from 10.4.1 Desktop) but when i run the service i get the

ERROR 000004: Could not get the address fields.

This error is coming from the record set variable that allows a user to enter an address or addresses.  I can't seem to figure out why ArcGIS Server can't access a variable that is in memory.

****ADDED Record Set from Rest Service everything looks correct***

    "displayFieldName": "", "fields": [ { "name": "OID", "type": "esriFieldTypeOID", "alias": "OID" }, { "name": "ADDRESS_1", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "ADDRESS_1", "length": 100 }, { "name": "ADDRESS_2", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "ADDRESS_2", "length": 2 }, { "name": "CITY", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "CITY", "length": 50 }, { "name": "STATE", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "STATE", "length": 50 }, { "name": "ZIP5", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "ZIP5", "length": 10 }, { "name": "ZIP4", "type": "esriFieldTypeString", "alias": "ZIP4", "length": 4 } ], "features": [ {"attributes": { "OID": 1, "ADDRESS_1": "123 MAIN ST", "ADDRESS_2": " ", "CITY": "ANYWHERE", "STATE": " ", "ZIP5": "10001", "ZIP4": " " }}, {"attributes": { "OID": 2, "ADDRESS_1": "789 MIDDLE ST", "ADDRESS_2": " ", "CITY": "ANYHERE", "STATE": " ", "ZIP5": "99999", "ZIP4": " " }} ], "exceededTransferLimit": false }

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this maybe happening?



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You may have found a solution already, but if not, this should give it some activity for others to see (was originally posted during UC).  If it was answered, please remember to mark this as assumed answered (and a summary would be good). If not...

Have you checked that the paths are correct and that ArcGIS Server has permissions to the data (i.e, suggest registering in the datastore).

One thing that might help for others to view is to export the Model to a python script and Posting Code blocks in Esri GeoNet​  Easier (for others) to debug python code than a model builder.

tagging a couple others groups.

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