Geometry change after being imported to Enterprise

03-04-2022 07:53 AM
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I'm having troubles importing polygons (shapefiles or feature classes) to an enterprise database (SQL 2014).
As seen in the images attached, the first one shows the original shapefiles, in red. It looks perfect in shapefile or feature class in File geodatabase.
The second image shows exactly the same shapefile after being imported to Enterprise Geodatabase. At first it looks that it creates exactly the opposite of the original shape.
The third image shows both files where we can see at the top right that the Enterprise feature is not exactly the inverse of the original file.

I already repair the geometry, change multipart to singlepart, exported by parts using definition queries,tried with ArcMap and ArcPro but the result is always the same. I think it probably is some configuration in the database but I have no clue what kind of configuration can be.
Searched the web but couldn't find anything similar.

Any help here among the specialists?
thank you in advance

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It looks like the imported shapes are the "cutout" of the original shape.

Did you have anything selected or a definition query on the layer before importing?

I can tell it is floodplain (SFHA) in the original and outside the SHFA in the imported. Is that correct?

--- George T.
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Hi, George. Thanks for your input.

There are no filters, definition queries or selections when importing and the coordsys are the same.
The geometries are related to noise, and not flood.

About the results, it's not exactly the cut out. At top right of image 3 you can see that rule does not apply so the behaviour is not the same everywhere which is even stranger.

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So... no one have a solution for this, as I see. It's a pity.

The information will continue available as raster, only. That's bad 😞 

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