GeoEvent Output to Update feature service

05-06-2020 09:15 AM
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Hi All,

I am updating geoevent output to a feature service. I have the following fields in my output.


2. FacilityName

3. TimeStamp

4. DriverNumber

5. DriverName

My condition to update the feature service is, if FacilityName is same, then the field FacilityName should be as,

FacilityName = DriverName, DriverNumber, Timestamp, and so on in a single row.

If FacilityName is not same, then write new records. 

Is there a way to use Conditional statement in field calculator in GeoEvent ? I am trying so much and none of it works!

Any help is appreciate! Thank you!

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Esri Contributor

Hi Teejay Sankar‌,

so FacilityName is your TACK_ID and u defined it as Unique Feature Identifier Field in the Update a Feature output connector. In this case the output connector will update the row if there is already a row with the given FacilityName, otherwise a new row will be inserted.

But I have no idea what do you want to tell us with "FacilityName = DriverName". Is this a condition that both Field should be equal to insert or update at all? Some more information would be helpful.




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