Geocode Locations from Table failing in Enterprise 10.6.1

03-19-2019 04:54 AM
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I'm trying to geocode a table from the analysis tools in my ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 map.  Steps:

-Upload CSV as content,  table only

-Add result to map

-Select Analysis 

-Expand Find Locations

-Choose Geocode Locations from Table

    - My input table is selected

    - use ESRI world batch geocoder

Before I can continue I see the error "Mapping locator fields with input data fields failed, please use another locator"

I can geocode the same file when I add it as content, or when I drag it on to the map, so I assume the file is sufficient.

Thanks for your advice!

PS. here's a screenshot:


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Is the Esri World Batch Geocoder or ArcGIS World Geocoding Service locator items shared with your Enterprise organization?

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