From windwos +SQL to Redhat+Postgresql

02-27-2017 07:08 PM
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We are using Windows server and SQL Server for our Arcgis Server but now we want to change to Linux Redhat and Postgresql , the reason is $$$$ because we need SQL Enterprise  and that is like  $60K.

We have a company certificated from Redhat to make the installation from scratch ,what  do you think will be the pros and specially the con.

In this years the only thing we did directly iin SQL was  updates from table to table no more, some schedule task , the others operations to use geodatabase was using arccatalog or arcmap.

we want to put arcgis enterprise, portal, geoevent, geodatabas in postgresql 

thanks for your coment

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I'd say your biggest concern should be administration and maintenance of the server, outside of Esri software.  If the company that will be setting up the Linux machine won't be providing maintenance after it's up and running, that responsibility rests on you or your IT staff.  If experience in Linux within your company is lacking, then it may be difficult if problems were to come up.  

On the software side, support for Esri products on Linux is on par with support for Windows and has been for the past number of releases.  However, if it's determined that the problem is more on the OS, typically someone from the company's IT staff needs to be involved to address those problems, and that may exceed the scope of support that Support Services can provide.

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what about the  Postgresql  performance vs sql server, in the past when i was using ARCSDE 8 or 9 the administration and several task was base on Queries from SQL , but know its very easy using the Arcgis Catalog i guess is the same for any DBMS that i will choose.

we have a support service for de OS a certificated personal supppor from RedHat.

But the database will be my responsability and i only work on SQL server,  im start to studie postgresql. which do you think will be the most important issue to chance from SQL server to Postgresql

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