Formatting userFullnameAttribute when configuring the Identity Store with LDAP

07-15-2019 01:01 PM
by Anonymous User
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Does anyone know how to properly format the JSON when configuring LDAP in portal?

I would like for this to work:

 "type": "LDAP",
 "properties": {
 "userPassword": "...",
 "caseSensitive": "false",
 "userEmailAttribute": "mail",
 "usernameAttribute": "mail",
 "user": "...",
 "userFullnameAttribute": {[givenName]&" "&[sn]},
 "ldapURLForUsers": "ldaps://...",
 "isPasswordEncrypted": "true",
 "userSearchAttribute": "mail"

Particularly this line:

"userFullnameAttribute": "[givenName]&" "&[sn]",

Currently our IT has used a cn which would be "Meier,Joel" which doesn't auto fill in the first and last name in Portal. 

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