Field alias names get mixed up during publishing

08-28-2017 11:53 AM
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I create a new feature class using ArcCatalog and then add it to my .mxd as the source. At this time, all field names are the same as the alias names.

But after I've published this feature service to the server, several of the field alias names get switched around. Please see attachment. 

Is there some standard field naming conventions that I should be following? Or is there some issue with my existing field names that I've encountered?


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Quite strange. Could you ensure that the alias name of FC is fine (from ArcCatalog as well as layer properties of ArcMap)? Delete the map service and publish it again.

Let me know if the issue still persists.

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Thanks for your response Jayanta,

I've checked the feature service table column and alias names in ArcCatalog and they're all matching like they should. As well, my .mxd field names and alias all matched.

Deleted my initial feature service and recreated yet again. All is fine now. 

I've never seen this before, but all is well now.

Thanks for your help....Walter