Federate 10.5 ArcGIS Server (non-hosting) with 10.7.1 Portal and IWA

11-21-2019 05:55 AM
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I am attempting to unfederate a current 10.5 ArcGIS Server from a 10.5 Portal, and then federate it with a new 10.7.1 Portal. It is intended for use as reference and historical data / services. It will not be used for Hosting, Image, or any other significant role as these are already in place and are at 10.7.1. I hope to be able to load it all in new Portal yet mark it as Deprecated.

It federates ok, and items seem to populate in new Portal, but Map Image Layers do not load in Map Viewer. I get item name appear loaded on the Content pane, and the map zooms to the extent. But it is empty or transparent.

In the browser F12 console it looks like authentications and tokens are going through, and there is response - I see a lot of :

https://<10.5 arcgis server>.<domain>.local/server/rest/services/XXX_10m_2012_DEM_tif/MapServer/export?dpi=96&transparent=true&…  

everytime I zoom around the map, which makes me think it is accessing something from the Map Service.

More Info:
 - I've ensured all ArcGIS Server SSL certs are valid and imported to the new Portal.

 - I can load the Map Image Layer ok independently in the JS Viewer

 - Web Adaptors are configured for Portal and ArcGIS Server

 - I dont think its CORS or Trusted Server related - these are empty in Portal > Org > Settings > Servers

 - Portal is configured for MS AD IWA and this appears flows through federation to the ArcGIS Server ok, such as accessing Manager or Admin as admin Enterprise User.

Any help on getting Map Image Layers to be visible in Portal?

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