feature service (SQL - SDE) joined not populating popup

06-23-2017 05:13 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

I am trying to make my service run but run into issues in ArcGIS online and a web gis app I use.

1. I am using two tables from two different SQL Server Databases

2. Join the two tables

3. publish.


When I add the service as such to AGOL: Alex_test/CIP_Locs (MapServer)

I cannot get any info in the popup.

Now when I go to the server I get that:

An invalid where clause or definition expression has been requested: "LandManagement.TRANSPORT.PROJECTS_CIP.OBJECTID,LandManagement.TRANSPORT.PROJECTS_CIP.PROJECT_ID,LandManagement.TRANSPORT.PROJECTS_CIP.EFFCT_DATE,LandManagement.TRANSPORT.PROJECTS_CIP.STOP_DATE,LandManagement.TRANSPORT.PROJECTS_CIP.Shape,Shape.STArea(),Shape.STLength(),DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.USERCODE,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.Description,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.PublicProjDesc,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.DepDirName,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.ProjMgrName,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.ProjectCost,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.SuperDistricts,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.TIMZones,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.FundSources,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.ConstrStartFY,DOTCIP.CIPGISWEB.%vwGIS_Data_arch.ESRI_OID"

Any idea?

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I attempted a similar thing and also ran into problems. I don't think table joins work from ArcGIS Server map services in AGOL. The 2 options I was able to get working were: 1) Create a geodatabase spatial view and/or 2) permanently append the attributes into a single feature class (create and then regularly update a publication layer).