Feature Service Metadata Duplication

01-14-2016 09:40 AM
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We're having an issue with our Feature Service metadata populated on the REST web service directory page. After publishing the map service with feature access capabilities enabled the resulting service metadata look as follows.

Map Service:

Service Description: This service shows...

Description: For more information on this service...

Feature Service:

Service Description: For more information on this service...

Description: For more information on this service...

As shown above, the description is duplicating into the service description for only the feature service. We've tried overwriting the service, creating a new service and publishing to a different server in 10.21 and 10.31. The Portal for ArcGIS page for the feature service displays the correct service description but not on the REST page. How can we fix this issue?

AGS 10.31 federated with ArcGIS for Portal

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Hey Brendan,

It may be possible to edit these values through the Administrator API: ArcGIS REST API - Overview​. If you are seeing that this is a common issue, it's possible that a bug is present and I would recommend contacting Esri Support Services to investigate further.


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