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Failed to Get status of the server machine

01-09-2023 03:39 AM
Occasional Contributor

Hi All,

   I am trying to setup ArcGIS 10.9.1 enterprise system on AWS environment. As part of this, we are using AWS ALB to route traffic towards portal (both portal and server is federated).

Initial user request using FQDN --> AWS ALB --> Portal URL redirection.

While using ALB, i getting below gateway timeout error message.


When i checked in the ALB error logs - we are getting this 'Gateway Timeout' (504) errors when request is coming one of the random port to port 6443.

For this - i allowed ALL inbound traffic.  Still no luck.

Rather than ALB, if i use server IP address to point to FQDN - site is working as expected, but only issue is coming from SSL certificate validation failure.

Followed the information mentioned in - no luck for me.  @GirishYadav1 @JonathanQuinn 

Can you please help me if i am missing anything while using ALB for ArcGIS Enterprise

Thanks In advance.

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