F5 Load Balancer

05-09-2019 06:10 AM
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We are trying to deploy the ArcGIS Enterprise without web adapters since we have a third party load balancer  F5 

Q1. Does ArcGIS Enterprise work without Web adapters in DMZ zone? if yes

       What type of authentication should use in order to be able to access esri mobile apps suchas Survey 123

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I would take a look at this documentation: https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/deploy/windows/multiple-machine-deployment-with-third...

I would also move this to the ArcGIS Enterprise‌ or Enterprise Architect‌ spaces.You currently have it in the My Esri space.

--- George T.
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Yes, Enterprise, (specifically Portal and Server), will work without the web adaptors where requests are routed from your load balancer or reverse proxy directly to Portal or Server. The web adaptors are only required if you want to use IWA. Survey123 and any other client applications will with any authentication currently supported for Enterprise, (IWA, SAML, portal tier, built-in, etc).

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