Excalibur: Save mark up information

06-25-2020 02:23 PM
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dear Readers,

good afternoon.   We are experimenting with Excalibur to help our staff members to use it.  We liked many of the nice features presented.

We were able to:

  1. add a time enabled imagery service,
  2. select desired years from the stack of imagery,
  3. and swipe to see the difference between the 2 selected years.

We were able to:

  1. mark up a polygon to identify a change,
  2. measure the actual area, and
  3. create a text of the observation and the approx. area/

We could not or figure out a way to:

  1. save the feature (marked up polygon) and text with format and
  2. retrieve when any 'previously saved'  data by any user in that particular area.

This help page did not talk about persisting on a file or an enterprise geo database: 

Is this feature available now?  we can dedicate an enterprise SDE (on sql server)  if needed.   any guidance would be of great help.

thanks and regards

ravi kaushika.

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