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ETL for data with attachments

04-19-2023 09:50 AM
by Anonymous User
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Esri Contributor

The append geoprocessing tool can be used from ArcGIS Pro (along with several others) to transfer attachments from one feature class to another - here's the documentation:

Essentially, the target feature class needs the "enable attachments" tool run on it before it's able to accept attachments. 

This could then be run by a python script via Task scheduler to automate this and mitigate high resource usage in the middle of the night. 

Great blog on this automation here:

"We've boosted the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to 105 percent. Bit of a gamble, but we need the extra resolution."
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MVP Regular Contributor

Have you considered Data Interoperability or FME?  Neither are an area of specialty for me, but most of my clients use FME for activities like this.

Scott Tansley
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Occasional Contributor

Tengo una situación similar a resolver, y el mismo planteo económico, no nos darán mas plata para una nueva herramienta, nuestra Geodatabase esta montada sobre Microsoft SQL Server, el ETL de este motor de BD propio, ¿alguien sabe si sirve para mover Feature Class y TableClass como el FME?



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