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Esri Support -- Yuck!

04-18-2023 08:05 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Anyone else finding the new Esri support lacking in functionality? I get wanting to having a modern look and feel, but it really feels like basic functionality is missing. For example, as of yesterday, there is a 2023 patch for Portal (10.9.1). Can you find it in the Portal patches? Nope. How do I know it exists? It is showing up in the Enterprise Patch Notification app.

My particular favorite thing is, I can find it on the mobile app. On the mobile app, the patches are under downloads w/o any listing for patches, etc. On the website though, downloads takes you to a entirely different area. 

Consistency would be nice.

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MVP Regular Contributor

I hear you.  On the plus side you can get the mobile app.  It’s not available in my territory. 

Scott Tansley
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Is there a new method to subscribe to patching notifications as well? The old mechanism seems to no longer be valid.

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