ESRI Rooftop Geocoding Service?

08-08-2016 08:36 AM
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I have an application where I need to use a rooftop geocoding service.   The use case is a user geocodes an address and a spatial intersection is executed which returns the values of a parcel, since the geocoding service that I am using now is sidewalk or street level, the attributes are not returned.  Is there a rooftop geocoding service available by Esri to execute this process?

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I'm also looking for a Rooftop Geocoder. Can someone chime in and assist us?


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I don't believe Esri offers a single house locator.  If you have your own parcel data, you can create your own locator, though.

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The Esri World Geocoding Service has the ability to return rooftop matches if the input address matches to PointAddress for Addr_type if you use the locationType parameter for the geocodeAddresses operation. The following link will take you to more details about the locationType parameter where you can also specify the output location be the side of street for routing purposes.

geocodeAddresses—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers 

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Is there some magic to the geocodeAddresses API to have it actually return rooftop level coordinates?  We've passed in multiple addresses and specified


and the coordinates returned are always street entry level.

I just feel like we are missing something.


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Are you using the World Geocoding Service or your own geocode service?

If it is your own geocode service, which tool was used to create the locator that was published?

If your addresses are matched with an Addr_type of PointAddress the XY and Display XY fields will be different. The values in the DisplayXY fields will be the rooftop coordinates. If the address was matched with an Addr_type of StreetAddress the XY and DisplayXY fields will have the same values for side of street.

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Does the underlying data for the World Geocoding Service need to be sourced from address points on rooftops?  By this I'm asking if various organizations that share their data with ESRI including address points need to have these address points placed at the rooftop location.  So if the data shared with ESRI is at a parcel centroid and not at the rooftop location, then the rooftop geocoding service would only geocode to the parcel centroid in that geographic area as the data source is only that accurate.  I hope this makes sense.

Is ESRI's collaboration project with BuildingFootprintUSA providing the capability of geocoding address points to rooftops?  If so, is this capability available now in both ArcMap and Pro?

I did a search for this collaboration project and this screenshot is what the search returned on 4/24/2019:


As such, I am confused as to whether this capability is available. 

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Is the locationType parameter available in a client application like ArcMap or Pro?  I ask because I cannot find this parameter when attempting to Geocode Addresses in batch in ArcMap from a table that has the required address fields using the World Geocoding Service.

Or is this parameter currently only available by accessing the World Geocoding Service thru the ArcGIS REST API using custom code?

In Pro 2.3.2 you currently only have the options of Address Location (centroid I would think) or Routing Location (offset from road centerline in address range), but I do not see the ability to select a rooftop or building location.

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The LocationType parameter is available in ArcMap and Pro in the Geocode Addresses gp tool as Preferred Location Type. Routing Location is equivalent to 'street' and Address Location is equivalent to 'rooftop' in the REST API.

In the ArcMap example below I've made an ArcGIS Server connection to the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service and using it in the Geocode Addresses geoprocessing tool. In the Pro example below I'm signed into ArcGIS Online.

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Hello Michael,

Matching to a rooftop location does require the underlying data for an address to be positioned at the rooftop. When Esri looks for the best available data, the inclusion of rooftop specific locations is a must have, but not all addresses in a dataset will have a rooftop location. Some have curbside, driveway, front door, or parcel centroid locations instead... and that balance produces a mixture of potential results for geocoding.

To your point, when a rooftop location isn't available the system will fall back to the next best available location for that address. To improve the system overall, Esri has partnered with companies like BuildingFootprintUSA to obtain more addresses with a rooftop location.

The capability for rooftop locations has always existed whenever and wherever the data supported it.