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02-28-2017 12:12 AM
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Hi All,

Do we have list or map of main stream ESRI products, linkage between them, integration or deployment dependancy and what does each product include?

For example- ArcGIS for Enterprise include portal, sde etc. It can have depandancy with data store or sde and can be deployed with ArcGIS Desktop.

I know its not simple enough to create such matrix but if someone has create for even few products. Hope I am making sense.

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I haven't seen a matrix of dependencies, but a start maybe going to ArcGIS Resources  and select each of the products, and then look at the system requirements, eg. ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 system requirements—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop    And for other software  ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 system requirements—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop  Points to browser, .net framework etc needed for Desktop, for example.

Generally, you need Desktop to perform many of the functions required for managing "Enterprise" software, but it does not necessarily need to be on the same machines.  If they are installed on the same machine, they should all be the same version.  That is a standard, highly suggested requirement...although they may be out of sync as you upgrade.

An Enterprise SDE is never a requirement for using the other software, but may be required to perform some tasks. Check out the help Geodatabase administration—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  as a starting point. With the Enterprise SDE, there will be requirements for one of the supported database software.  SDE can be installed ona separate server, but there are minimum requirements for the OS version and sometimes the software version.  For example, 10.5 for MS SQL requires a minimum of SQL 2012 (previous versions supported SQL 2008).

ArcGIS Server does not require Portal or AGOL....and although I'm not possitive, from what I've seen, Portal is usually installed after Server, but not sure if Server is required or not.  these can be on separate machines.  

With 10.5, Image Server (if you have the license) can be installed on a separate server, but requires Server core to be installed first.  Prior to 10.5, this was just an extension and would be on the same machine.

For use of Server web adapters, some flavor of "web" software, like IIS must be installed...but that is usually just a matter of turning it on, at least in most Windows OS's.   This would also be needed if you are deploying any web adapters, web pages or apps like Web AppBuilder or other web API web sites "locally" to others.  some of this can also be done using ArcGIS Online build in options.

ArcGIS Online requires access to the Internet, Portal onsite, does not.  Both have similar functionality.  Some apps, such as Web AppBuilder, Collector, Survey123, etc, rely on Online or Portal....and some tasks might require the Enterprise SDE.   

ArcGIS Pro requires either ARcGIS Online/Portal, or a License Manager to authorize its use...depending how you allocate your license(s) thru myesri.

So, there are many levels to all the software, and not all of it needs to be implemented at once. A summary list, as I see it, is below.  licensing of any/all should be discussed with your customer service rep or local distruibutor 

  1. ArcGIS Online - can be totally independent
  2. Desktop can be totally independent
  3. ArcGIS Server - can be independent, but should have Desktop that can access it for admin and other tasks
  4. Portal is not required for Server, and can be on a separate machine (not sure about whether Server is required for Server Portal off the top of my head)
  5. Image Server, (or Image server extension) requires Server, but at 10.5 can be installed on different machine
  6. SDE requires an Enterprise database software....there are a few to choose from. Management requires (or highly suggested?) a compatible version of Desktop to manage.
  7. ArcGIS Online and Portal are somewhat interchangable
  8. Pro requires ArcGIS Online, Portal or a license manager (concurrent use)
  9. several "apps" and/or APIs require ArcGIS Online, Portal or a license
  10. Server and Portal web adapters, and website deployment require some type of web software like Microsoft IIS

there maybe other links but I'm going to exit/save before my iPad eats this.

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Thanks Rebecca. Much appreciated. Actually I was coming from deployment or solution architecture point of view. But I got your answer that its not one stop shop and probably won't be easy to have one created as well.

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