Error "AutoScalingGroupWaitCondition" during AGS deployement using Cloud Builder

04-27-2020 10:38 PM
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Hello everybody,

I did not succeed to use cloud builder to deploy GIS Server 10.8 on AWS

The deployments starts without any errors but after 2 hours a timeout is reached.

The CloudFormation Stack always returns an error related to FileServerWaitCondition timed out. Received 0 conditions when expecting 1

But below, man can see that the expected file server has been deployed 1h30min before (FileServerEC2Instance CREATE_COMPLETE) and is up and running.

I am not sure where the error comes from. I can only think that something might not work as expected in the ServerStack template. Server creation should update the FileServerWaitCondition to 1.

Does anyone experienced the problem or know how to deal with it ?

Thank you

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