Error: Publishing Failed

09-18-2015 09:53 AM
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Architecture:  ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 on RHEL Linux 6.5

I am unable to publish a map service using ArcCatalog (service definition file) or ArcMap itself.

Here are the errors:

Publishing failed.

ERROR: Unable to connect to publishing tools service.  Verify that the service is up and running.

Failed to execute (UploadServiceDefinition)

There are no errors produced in the AGS logs.

The Publishing tool is up and running even after I restarted the tool.

This service published fine on another AGS box that is essentially a clone.  I suspect the publishing tool somehow is corrupted.



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Hello Janie,

If the AGS Server is configured with WebAdaptor, check its is configured correctly. Access the AGS Server Manager in a browser using the web-adaptor name (No Port). Check if the services are started.

Also add AGS Server from ArcCatalog using the web-adaptor name.

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We have no web adaptor in place because of the performance degradation with storage, instead, we use an Apache Proxy to switch between the two servers based on sessions.  The other server works fine but the one in question does not.  Again, I suspect a corrupted publishing tool.  Thanks!

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Few times I have got around this problem by copying my tiles & .mxd (in case of cache service) in the server's local drive and publishing it from there! 

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