Error parsing help links: Premature end of file.

08-07-2019 05:16 AM
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Has anyone found a way to get rid of this error showing up in AGS logs. I have found similar errors that are mentioning the server not being able to start or that one of the config xml files is empty but that is not the case here. The server is running just keeps getting this error.

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Hi Diane

I'm also getting the same Premature end of file warnings. We recently upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6.1 and this is a new error since the upgrade. My server is running fine. Although I'm also getting some severe warnings regarding being Unable to instantiate class for xml schema type not sure if they are related.

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Hi Diane,

Are you by any chance getting warnings in Chrome Dev tools when you log into server manager saying that a cxhelp.xml file can't be found?

I've checked my server configuration and the help files are at the following location:

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\help\server_help\en\cxhelp.xml  not help/en-us/cxhelp.html

I''m wondering if this is where the : "Error parsing help links: Premature end of file." error is coming from ? 



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I'm also getting this error on one of my GIS servers after upgrading to 10.6.1.  I also get the 404 errors that Clinton mentions, but I get these on all of my GIS servers and they don't have the error.  In the log file it shows a WARNING  code of 9000 - 'Internal Server Error' but I'm not able to track this down beyond that.

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Hey guys!

Hopefully I can clear of some of the errors discussed here.

In regards to the to /help/en-us/cxhelp/cxhelp.xml 404 error. This is a know limitation and it is based on your browser's locale. When you open Server manager for example, it loads based on your browser's locale which in this case is English/United States (en-us). If that returns a 404, then it will try again with English (en) (/help/en/cxhelp/cxhelp.xml). You should see a successful request to "en" as opposed to "en-us" later on in your dev tools (basically this 404 is expected depending on your browser's locale and can be ignored).

As for the "Error parsing help links" in the logs, I believe this is a bug that is fixed in 10.7 (BUG-000113625).

If you navigate to your rest/services endpoint and click on "API Reference" it will return an error as we are seeing in the logs (which is why the source is Rest). This is because you have likely changed ArcGIS Server to be HTTPS only as part of your upgrade. If/when you upgrade to 10.7 or later, you should not see this error. All it is reporting is that it is attempting to access the "API Reference" link in rest/services and is returning an error just as you would in your browser. 

Luckily neither of the issues I discussed above affects core functionality. As for more serious logs such as 'Internal Server Error,' that will likely require more in depth troubleshooting which I would suggest reaching out to Esri Support Services to start that process.


Hope this helps,


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Hello @Travis_Esri ,

I have the same problem with ArcGIS Hosting Server version 10.9.1

I can browse Server Manager through web adaptor. The error still exist on browser console but I can use Server Manager. 

But I can not use Server manager from host machine directly (host:6443/arcgis/manager)






Do you have any idea to resolve this issue?




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