Error: Failed to create the site

01-02-2019 02:56 AM
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Error: Failed to create the site , server machine "" returned an error ,could not find the resources or operation "updateConfigStoreConn" on the system.

The server is configured with public IP and public hostname. Please note the server name is (its configured with GIS subdomain)

Any suggestions as we tried re-installation several times and permissions to all folders.

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Hi Sandeep,

Try the following steps.

1. Remove Config-Store directory (you might consider taking its backup beforehand) from ArcGISServer Folder.

2. Restart ArcGIS Server (from services.msc).

3. Start ArcGIS Server Manager and create a new site.

*Consider using the ArcGIS Server machine name for using ArcGIS Server Manager and creating a site (local machine name).

Let me know if the issue still persists.

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