Error Code 8273 Services containing process crashed

02-19-2016 06:10 AM
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I'm running ArcGIS Server 10.1 and have been receiving this code as well as 8252 for some of my services.  I'm running them in low isolation because of a lack of RAM.  I did see a post about the Python Path needing to be updated but mine looks OK.  here is the full code:

<Msg time="2016-02-19T07:54:05,542" type="SEVERE" code="8273" source="Server" process="21180" thread="1" methodName="" machine="********.ATLANTA.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">Services containing process crashed. Land/ParcelLayer.MapServer instance has crashed.</Msg>

It seems to be happening with other layers as well.  Anyone seen a similar issue?


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Since a map service appears to be crashing, I don't think it's related to Python.  The first thing to do is run your service in high isolation mode.  Low isolation mode isn't advisable nor stable for services.  If you're interested in reducing memory footprints for services, set all of the minimum instances to run the services to 0 and optionally, reduce the idle timeout.  If no one is using the service, no SOC will spin up, thus saving memory on your machine.  The only drawback is that the first person to reach your service will need to wait for the service to spin the SOC up, but that should be pretty quick.  To specifically troubleshoot the crash, I'd see if the problem occurs because of a certain request.  You can set the logs to Verbose and when the crash happens again, check what happens right before the crash.  Lastly, you should strongly consider upgrading to a newer version of the software.  That, along with avoiding low isolation, are the two things I suggest you look into first.

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