Error cloning Feature Layer from AGOL to Portal

05-23-2021 10:00 AM
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I am cloning content from AGOL to a new Portal (10.8.1) in Azure. When attempting to clone a feature layer, it fails with

ERROR: Inconsistency in the Field Definitions found. Failed to execute (Manage Feature Service)

I am using clone_items as described in Cloning Content | ArcGIS for Developers. The same code works in the other direction if I clone a feature layer from Portal to AGOL.

I also tried ArcGIS Online Assistant ( but had the same results for both directions. I notice that it provides two options (Item Copy and Full Copy) only when going from Portal to AGOL. Full Copy worked for Portal to AGOL.

This posting sounds similar: Can't move a Feature Service using ago - Esri Community

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