Error 500 when trying to open the main page of the portal

09-23-2021 08:16 PM
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I'm using a ArcGIS server/portal federated, version 10.8.1.

Yesterday the applications and webmaps stopped working.

The portal gave an error 500. The ArcGIS manager stopped working. The Portal admin stopped. The ArcGIS server admin STILL WORKS.

I looked for a solution and found what looks like a problem with the update identity store page.

ArcGIS admin updateIdentityStore.jpg

 Do I have to edit this manually and add the user and password according to the following page? 

ArcGIS admin updateIdentityStore ESRI site.jpg

If so, which user is it? The domain user that runs the server/portal in the background? Or the admin user of the portal?

Thank you for any help!


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yes you have to edit manually, and replace it with a DOMAIN user account. It doesn't really matter which one. As long as you can authenticate using the correct password. I suggest, assuming you have installer privilege's, that you use a domain service account, or a domain admin account. 


When you first reconfigure the identity store, set the isPasswordEncrypted to False, then key in your userPassword in clear text. When you hit the Update button, it'll revert back to True, and your password will be encrypted.



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Thank you, Nathan!

I got help from the ESRI distributor in Israel. We tried everything and nothing helped. No hint of the reason for the situation. So, we're doing a restore from backup.



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