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Elevation Layer Caching - 404 - Tiles not found

05-05-2021 10:58 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am having some weird issues while trying to publish an Elevation Layer on a freshly installed Enterprise Portal (separate Linux Servers for all components, Version 10.8.1).

When publishing from ArcGIS Pro and using the option "Cache automatically on the server", everything seems to work fine and the cache gets generates inside the arcgiscache directory. ArcGIS Server Manager also reports that the cache is available. If I open the Elevation Layer in a Scene Viewer however I only get errors saying 404 - Not found with the following request URL:


 If I go into the ArcGIS REST Services Directory I can see my service, but if I click on any of the "Start Tile", "End Tile" I get the same 404 Error.

If I change the Service Settings of the ImageServer inside ArcGIS Server Manager to "Create Tiles on demand" it suddenly works and based on the performance and the reporting of the Caching Status inside ArcGIS Server Manager the already created Cache is used. If I change it back, I immediately get the same 404 error again.

I did try several things, including the option "Cache manually on the server" etc, but I always run into the same issue.

Something I noticed, that may or may not be unrelated is, that as soon as I publish a Service the Logs inside ArcGIS Server Manager report:

WARNING: Error getting service

WARNING: Unable to process request. Service xx/ImageServer not found 

I tried publishing a MapService where I got the same error, but the service works fine. So I am not sure if this warning is something to be concerned about.

Thanks for any hints,

Kind regards

Alexander Zeller

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