Domain field types being changed during replication

06-06-2016 06:00 AM
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we are at 10.3.1 I have a few replications of our default sde. For some reason one of my sde replications when I go to either import domain changes or create a new domain, and or field, It is changing the field type value from float to double. And also when I set it to float it won't give me the option to set a domain for that particular field. The option isn't even present in field properties. This is causing me not to be able to import schema changes from my default to my replication because it gives me the error message "The existing domain field type does not match that of the updated domain"

This is only happening in one of my replications. The other one is maintaining the correct values from when I went through the replication process.

I tested it out by creating a brand new replication between my default sde and a new test sde gdb and it is doing the same thing, changing my float value to a double, and again giving me an error when I try import schema changes.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

** Just as a side note, I tried deleting the domains from the troubled sde replication gdb and then reimport the domains and field values from default thru the "Import schema changes" tool and it still wants to change those values.**

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