Distributed Collaboration: How long do AGOL copies persist if guest Enterprise portal goes down?

10-25-2021 12:06 PM
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We have what are hopefully two straight forward questions, as if 🙂

We have spent a good amount of time figuring out how to ensure that our Distributed Collaboration between our ArcGIS Enterprise deployment and our AGOL organization functions as we want...to have copies of our Enterprise feature services available to our users via AGOL, rather than having AGOL just referencing the URL of our Enterprise feature services.

Question: If our Enterprise crashes, will the copies of the feature classes on AGOL get deleted when the next scheduled sync fails?

Question two:  If our Enterprise crashes, will the Distributed Collaboration automatically re-engage with the Host AGOL after Enterprise is brought back up?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi Keith, I think the answers are:
1. No, the ArcGIS Online hosted feature services are not deleted if Enterprise has an issue

2. Yes, collaboration will re-engage once the Enterprise comes back online.

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Thank you Sam.  That was our hope...that the technology works as expected, lol.

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