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Disabling Editor Tracking options

04-05-2019 05:19 AM
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We are trying to integrate an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) into our existing esri SDE environment.  We need to add some fields to our data so the EAMS can determine what features to upload/edit in it's own database on a nightly basis.  These fields are edited by the EAMS as it copies data from SDE.

We currently have editor tracking turned on on the DB, but will need to turn this feature off so that the EAMS doesn't mess with our editor tracking.  What are the best options for keeping editor tracking going forward?  Our current thoughts are:

1.  Customize the existing editor tracking to ignore the EAMS during it's nightly process (is this even possible??)

2.  Create a custom Feature Class extension to essentially mimic editor tracking.  We used to do this until Editor Tracking became available on the back end.  Is it still possible to do this?  We would only want it to work for the regular users, and not for the EAMS system.  We are at 10.4 right now.

What other options are available?  Upgrading the desktop to ArcPro is also on our radar, so ideally something that would work for both ArcMap and ArcPro would be ideal.


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