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Disable Services Directory Access To Selected Users

08-29-2023 02:47 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I am trying to disable access to the REST services directory for either a specific or selecetd users. Moreover, the portal admin shall be able to access it in all the cases.

Is there anyway for this approach. Thanks in advance.

Environment: ArcGIS Enterprise Federated 10.8.1

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Occasional Contributor II

Hello @User35489 ,

I think this is a great approach. However, as per my understanding and research this doesn't seem possible at the moment.

Once the services directory is disabled, it is disabled across the site, regardless of which user is trying to access or whether a Web Adaptor is used or not.

I think this would be great idea to submit here ArcGIS Enterprise Ideas 

Furthermore, I am not sure weather this would help or not, but you can check this out and see if a different approach at this concern helps:

Hide a service in the ArcGIS Server Services Directory 

Hope it helps!


Occasional Contributor III

Hello @ArchitSrivastava ,

Thanks for your input. Hiding a service is not my current requirement. But as suggested, I have posted this in Ideas page. You may kindly share the below idea link for further reach.

Have a great day!