Different between running gp service from rest or ArcMap

11-01-2020 10:21 PM
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Hello all

We have a gp service that runs Visibility.

It gets a point layer (not interactive) and some other numeric parameter (such as radius).

We see a little different in results when we use the same point layer from ArcMap (using the service) or from WebMap.

Since it is exactly the same parameters it should be exactly the same.

Running from webmap or translating the file into JSON and running it from REST give the same results.

What can be the reason for this? Is it possible that when you call the service from soap (From ArcMap) the parameters are a little different?


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Is it from a Model or script?

I wonder if there's some environment settings that are being defaulted to something else if they're not explicitly defined in the code/tool?

Could you share the results or explain the differences in more detail please?

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We are running a model.

I cannot share the results but there is up to one pixel different in the created raster. When you zoom into any of the edges and show the two results in different color or with transparency you can see that there are some differences.

I am thinking about replacing the model with python script. If it shows the same behavior I can print out the exact parameters to see if they are equal (and all environment too)

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