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Design correct infrastructure server for 400 concurrent user

04-06-2023 08:18 AM
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Hello, I have to design ad architecture ArcGIS Enterprise to support the activities for 400 concurrent users. In the past, I have done other similar projects and my landmark for these scopes is System Design Strategy by Dave Paters and Capacity Planing Tool. 

The problem is that this CPT has a different workflow that is not similar to my workflow. In my case, the concurrent users will work with ArcGIS Pro using more than one Feature Service to edit data, visualize it and more. There is a way to create a similar custom workflow into CPT? Considering that the number of instances for ArcGIS Server is joined to the core of the server, in your opinion how many servers should I consider? Imagining at least a hardware configuration of 16 vCPU and 64 GB RAM

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There is no easy answer here as it is entirely dependent on the use case, how much "work" a single user will put on the infrastructure and how much "work" is simultaneous.

The software responds well to vertical scaling so I would aim low and increase vCPU and RAM as needed.

There is plenty of doco from Esri on these topics, i.e., or

As an example, I would not be providing any apps or maps that use the feature service for visualisation. You should offload that to a map service as it will be more performant.

You should also push as much work as possible onto hosted feature layers as these are more performant across the platform.

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