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Deploying ArcGIS Overseas?

08-25-2016 10:45 AM
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Hello Folks,

We have recently expanded our business from North America to the Philippines. We now have an immediate need to deploy ArcGIS across the ocean.

I have deployed the application via Citrix and the results are quite poor. Using a local machine installation, in combination with our direct VPN connection and the user is unable to make a connection to the license server. We try RDP via Citrix to a machine running ArcMAP and that is far to slow.

What do people do to deploy this application over great distances? Please looking for experience rather than links to documentation.



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We were getting a variety of errors, especially in offices with slower connections, the response to the new license manger setup may timeout with the error “The server entered is not a valid ArcGIS License Manager” and other LM related errors. Since we have many users with slow network connections to the license manager (althought, not overseas), we're starting to do this as a matter of practice, which has helped. 

Right click on My Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings->Advanced
• click on Environment Variables button, click NEW to add a new variable.

then, under System variable, select “New”, for name enter FLEXLM_TIMEOUT and for value enter 1000000

Once ArcGIS is installed, verify the variable was configured properly by opening Start->All Programs->ArcGIS->Desktop Administrator. On the main page at the bottom, the screen should have the following: Variable Name: ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE and Variable Value as shown above.

It's probably worth a try to see if that helps (don't think it can hurt anything anyway)

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Thanks, I have given this a try and it seemed to get a connection. I am going to have my user test overnight and see what the performance is like.

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