Dependency of service performance on the number of layers contain

04-18-2017 03:03 AM
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I couldn’t figure out if the number of layers contain in a service affects it performance and in which sense.

For example, I have two services the first one is “X1” which contain a multilayer from different sources & the other is “A2” which contain only one layer as you can see below.


Which is better to publish all my feature classes in one service or separate them into different  Services and how could that affect on the performance?

PS: i use ArcMap & ArcGIS Server 10.5

Thanks in advance.



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These questions are very difficult to answer, as there are multiple factors that go into performance listed below in no particular order, (and certainly not an exhaustive list):

1)  Resources on the machine

2)  Other processes/applications running on the machine

3)  Complexity of the geometry

4)  Number of features returned

5)  Symbology

6)  Storage location

7)  Likely geometry storage type


Your best bet is to run a load test using JMeter, Python, or another application.  You can even use Fiddler, (example 1, example 2) if you'd like.  

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Dear Jonthan ,

Thank you for your answer.

As you mentioned there are many factors control this.

previously I used a fiddler, sometimes it’s take a while to read some services but there’s a variation between the services behavior and I can’t judge.




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