Datastore Crashes !!!

01-10-2018 10:01 AM
New Contributor II

One of my Datastore backup locations on the Network were recently migrated and the existing alias that was used to configure the backups doesn't work anymore. Surprisingly, Datastore's inability to write to this path has way more implications than one would expect. The PostGRES Service frequently crashes and all our hosted services have been down. On a couple of environments, the severity has gotten to the point where the DataStore Windows Service cannot be brought back up. 

The changebackuplocation util just times out without returning any messages on the Command Prompt, I have also tried to manually backup the datastore config and to change the backup location, but this hasn't worked. The Datastores unavailability now also seems to be affecting ArcGIS Server & Portal. We are having to restart all the Windows Services, and often the Virtual Machine itself. 

Any one with any clues here ?

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