Data Source as APRX reather than msd?

10-14-2019 08:34 AM
by Anonymous User
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When I check the data source of map services authored by ArcGISPro documents, I usually get a reference to an msd file, which is not what I would like to see.

MXD-Authored map services ALWAYS return the on prem path of the mxd (not sd).

Sometimes, with ArcGISPro-Authored services, I get the on prem path to the aprx, but I don't know why.

Is there something I can do when publishing to ensure that the map service (service manifest) holds the map document path as the authoring document, rather than the msd?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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What version of the software are you using?  Starting with Server 10.1 .msd has been replaced with .ssdraft and .sd

Are you publishing to an RDS?

I just looked at a couple of my services and they are all reading the source as .aprx

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I also have several services that came from msd's in a previous user's appdata directory.  Like you, I need to examine, modify, and upgrade these services and I need the actual source  document to do so.

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