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02-06-2018 11:50 PM
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I'm trying to get contour lines of the terrain of one of the US Virgin Island (St. Thomas) from an online mapserver, but I can't seem to get the data from the server. I have been able to get road centerlines from the same server, but for some reason, the contours won't draw. Can anyone help? 

The link to the server is:  

and the contour layer is here: 

I talked to the guy responsible for the GIS system when I was on the island, and he said that the layer should contain 2ft contour lines as shown on their MapGeo map here: 

My goal is to be able to get the contour lines and export the as a DXF or similar that I can use in Rhinoceros 3D. 

I'm new to ArcGis, so I appreciate any help.

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How did you download the data?  Any map service returns an image and the feature layer returns geometry so you'd need to query the service to retrieve the actual geometries.

The contour layer in that application is retrieving tiles from S3, so it doesn't appear as though the service you listed is actually being used in the application.

There's also something wrong with the contours map service, as I can query the data, but exportMap doesn't seem to complete.  A service displaying contour data isn't best served dynamically anyway, as the data won't be changing.  It should be cached to improve performance.