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Custom Data Feeds Error Failed to connect with customdata runtime

08-06-2023 10:40 AM
New Contributor II

I'm in the final step of create a Custom data feed.  When I try to create the service with the json below I get the follow message. "Failed to create the service 'Case311.FeatureServer'. Failed to connect with customdata runtime. Make sure customdata server instance is up and running."  I have installed the ArcGIS Server 11.1 on the arcgis server machine.   The cdpk was upload and registered without any issues.

"serviceName": "Case311",
"type": "FeatureServer",
"description": "Case311",
"capabilities": "Query",
"provider": "CUSTOMDATA",
"clusterName": "default",
"minInstancesPerNode": 0,
"maxInstancesPerNode": 0,
"instancesPerContainer": 1,
"maxWaitTime": 60,
"maxStartupTime": 300,
"maxIdleTime": 1800,
"maxUsageTime": 600,
"loadBalancing": "ROUND_ROBIN",
"isolationLevel": "HIGH",
"configuredState": "STARTED",
"recycleInterval": 24,
"recycleStartTime": "00:00",
"keepAliveInterval": 1800,
"private": false,
"isDefault": false,
"maxUploadFileSize": 0,
"allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
"properties": {
"disableCaching": "true"
"jsonProperties": {
"customDataProviderInfo": {
"dataProviderName": "Case311",
"dataProviderHost": "",
"dataProviderId": ""
"extensions": [],
"frameworkProperties": {},
"datasets": []

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Esri Contributor

I had the same issue, and worked around it by specifying dummy values for "dataProviderHost" and "dataProviderId" even though my provider didn't use those values.

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Occasional Contributor

I ended up using the hostname of my ArcGIS Server for dataProviderHost. you may check as with this same error the custom data feed was created in Node and accessible via https://localhost:6843/<providername>/rest/services/...

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