Creating a service with Arial Unicode MS font in italics

01-21-2019 05:17 AM
New Contributor III

I am creating a service with text that uses the Arial Unicode MS font. Some text is in italics. ArcMap displays the italics text fine, and I can see the text in the service, but it is not italicized in the service. When I analyze the mxd before publishing, it prompts me to embed the font on the server, but this doesn't resolve it and the text is still not italicized.

When I view the mxd in ArcMap on the server machine I can see the italicized font, so it seems strange that the service doesn't display it this way. I am new to working with unicode fonts, but it maybe because there is no italics version of Arial Unicode MS that I need to do something else to the service to make it recognize the italics? Does any one have any ideas about this? I am using Windows 7 on the server machine. ArcGIS Server 10.4.

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