Create tpk from dynamic map service

12-28-2015 05:39 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hello all

I have a few dynamic map services (no cache).

I need to create tpk for some area in order to put it on other machine that has no network connection (no need for vector data).

I could not find any tool that support that operation

  1. All the raster tools (clip, etc) does not support map service
  2. The Export Map Service tool (under server tools) needs the map service to be cached.
  3. The Manage Map Service Tile cache (under server tools)  will build the cache into the server directory
  4. The Create Map Tile Package (under package) does not have area of interest
  5. The Manage Tile Cache (under Tile Cache) docs say that it cannot get an mxd with map service
  6. Tring to use the Share in ArcMap (under file menu) gives error on map service layer.

The only solution I can think about is to keep the original MXD and to use it for caching. This must be done on server and not on client side since the client does not necessarily have access to all the data.

What is the solution?


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