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05-24-2018 09:39 AM
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Hello GeoNet,

I am trying to create a Database View that have a simple join from one layer with spatial information with another table in SDE.  l am not sure what I am missing here. 

For example:

layer1 is the spatial layer

layer2 is the table layer

I'd like to join them with the 'joinID' field from layer1 and the 'PROJECT_ID' field from layer2.

This is the error message I've received:

Any pointers are greatly appreciated please.

Thanks a lot!

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I believe the formatting is off -- try the sample below:

SELECT * FROM layer1 LEFT INNER JOIN ON layer1.joinID = layer2.PROJECT_ID

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Thank you very much for your help, Andrew!  It's run successfully this time, but I couldn't find where the output layer.  It should be the same location as the input location, right?  I've checked the Workspace location under the Environment Setting, and it should be the same as the input location.  Where else should I check please?  Thanks again!

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