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04-06-2017 03:34 AM
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I have found many ESRI guides on how to install every specific piece of the Enterprise architecture (Server, Portal, DataStore, WebAdaptor), but I am not able to find a comprehensive guide on the correct steps to follow to install the whole system, we are just experimenting and building our own list based on experience.

Is there anywhere an overview guide on the steps to follow to install the full server stack?

I am looking for something like:
installa arcgis server

install web adaptor

configure web adaptor with the server

install portal

configure web adaptor for portal

federate portal and server

enable https on server

enable https on portal

enable https on webadaptor and iis

This could be very helpful



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How about Deploy a full stack ArcGIS for Server Web GIS on a single machine?

Also check the system requirement for the same.

  1. Install ArcGIS Server, authorize it, create a site and enable HTTPS in Server Admin.
  2. Install IIS on Windows or Tomcat and Java on Linux if not installed.
  3. Import the CA-certificate if it's defined, or generate a self-signed certificate for the web server.
  4. Install and configure WA for ArcGIS Server.
  5. Install Portal for ArcGIS and authorize it. Create Initial Administrative Account.
  6. Install and configure WA for Portal for ArcGIS.
  7. Install ArcGIS Data Store and register it with ArcGIS Server.
  8. Federate ArcGIS Server with Portal. Set it as the hosting Server.

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