consume http services in 10.7.x

03-03-2020 09:08 AM
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I have an implementation in enterprise 10.7.1 and intensive use of survey123 and dashboard. I need to consume version 10.4 services from another organizations and they are in http. My configuration is unique for https. Is there a way to consume these "http" services from my portal ?

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Hi Pamela,

In your Portal, navigate to Settings > Security. You should see an option, "Allow access to the portal through HTTPS only." This is enabled by default in 10.7.x as a security best practice, but you can disable this option to allow communication through HTTP and consume these HTTP resources.

You may also need to add an HTTP binding (port 80) to your web server (if access is through the web adaptor), such as in IIS below:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @rsears-esristaff , thanks for the reply. There is a detail to the comments but when I generate surveys in survey123 about my Enterprise 10.7.1 (portal datastore) they are not published.
Maybe you can perform the test or testing in your environment.


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