Configure Email settings arcgis enterprise, office 365

12-29-2022 12:08 PM
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I have a question, is it possible to configure ArcGIS Enterprise Email settings using office 365 email.?


i have tried this but i do not find. how.



Diego Llamas

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Yes, ArcGIS Enterprise Portal supports sending emails through Office 365. You will need to apply the settings below. When I have issues with O365, it's more often because STARTTLS is not selected as the encryption method. The attached image is a larger version of the one below.

Office 365 SMTP settings
  • Server name:
  • Port: 587.
  • Encryption method: STARTTLS.
  • SMTP authentication: ticked.
  • Authentication: your password




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Hi, Are there any plans to support email integration with Office 365 through modern auth. Our administrators have disabled smtp basic authentication and will not turn it back on. 

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I encountered this today too when attempting to enable MFA for ArcGIS Enterprise. I've submitted the idea to add support at

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