Config webAdaptor for Portal10.7 Error

05-24-2019 02:19 AM
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Try to install Enterprise10.7 in Window

1. Install Server10.7

2.Install WebAdaptor(server), work fine

3.Config WebAdaptor for server ,work fine

4. Install Portal

5.Install WebAdaptor(portal),work fine

6.Config WebAdaptor(portal),  some doubt

Chrome cannot open https://***/portal/home

and  webadaptorofPortal.png in attach file shows I didn't config webadaptor(portal) successful !

And I try to find out why 

Below is  what I am know right now! 

Anyone know how to solve it ,thanks in advance!



PortalNodes didn't get the domain host name

If I try to Set the right PortalNode,It will be changed (what you see in above)  when I try to visit https://***/portal/home

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Esri Notable Contributor

First, when configuring the Web Adaptor, reach the web adaptor registration page via the URL you want to use as the "public URL". For example, if my machine is, reach the web adaptor registration page via You may have multiple hostnames on the machine, but as long as you use the intended URL to reach the registration page, that will be written to Portal's config files.

Second, make sure that you use the correct hostname within the portal URL parameter. It should set the hostname within the portal nodes section in the webadaptor.config file.

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Follow your advice.

I try to reach the web adaptor registration page via  https://myhostname/portal

and set the Public URL  with the same myhostname

but  the portal nodes section in the webadaptor.config file still empty!

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