Combining layers in WMS service

01-27-2016 06:11 AM
Regular Contributor

I have a basemap with around 50 layers, different layers in different scale ranges. This work fine as a service used in the ArcGIS products, but when I want to use it as a WMS Service in other systems it's very inconvenient. It seems that i have to specify the LAYERS parameter to LAYERS=layername1,layername2,layername3......layername50. I have to enter the name of ever layer.
I have seen other WMS Services where you can just enter one layer name and get a complete map which have to be made from several layers.
Is it possible to somehow publish a WMS from ArcGIS Server where the layers are combined into one or a few layers that you specify in the LAYER-parameter when consuming the service? For example LAYERS=basemap?

(WMTS is not an option in this case)

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