Check REST on specific machine in Load balanced system

11-10-2015 03:01 PM
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dear Readers,


For A REST service on A particular server belonging to 2 or more Load balanced (LB) servers, how to check its availability using IP or server name from a web page on another webserver in the same domain?

We have a load balanced arc gis servers with a common human readable server name for the two (or more) servers housing REST services to be consumed by our Silverlight and JavaScript applications.  By design of LB servers, assign requests in a round robin fashion.  if at that time, the assigned server's REST service is down, then the application throws an error.

We had created an application that queries the human readable front server name/service/ to query it - this app might fail to report that the service is down if the request is assigned to the working server and the admins will not know about it and the end user might report it.  we want to query individual server IP/services and know about it before the end users.

LBServerName ---> and; if my polling app hits .111 server and reports a success for a particular service, and if the web application of the end user assigns the request to .222 server and if the particular service is down, then the end user reports the error and the admins will not know it in advance.

version AGS 10.3.1 on windows 2008 r2.

any suggestions would be useful



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