Changing the user schema for a user on a sde database

04-28-2017 08:55 AM
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Hello, basically what I want to do is have a user create a feature class in an sde database and have their user schema be dbo (or other standardized name) without being granted system admin. Currently when a user tries to create a feature class it names it 'database."domain/user".dataset. Is there anyway for the created dataset to be 'datbase.dbo.dataset' and be anonymous? A couple details and things that have been tried:

  • SDE database is a Sql Server
  • Have tried adjusting user mapping in Sql Server Manager to have the dbo default schema
  • Have tried setting their role as db_owner
  • Have tried unchecking 'sde owned schema' when creating the enterprise database
  • Again, problem is not creating the data it is adjusting the schema to display as described above

Any ideas or need more info? Thanks!

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--We can save the data in "dbo schema" without granting the user "sysadmin" server role by changing the database owner using the following command:

EXEC sp_changedbowner 'name';

(You can confirm the owner of the geodatabase using the command: sp_helpdb; )

--There can be only one database owner.

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You should check the below link before deciding on what to do:

A comparison of geodatabase owners in SQL Server—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Specially check the Pros and Cons mentioned under the "Which user should own the geodatabase?" part in that link

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